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Marcus W Anderson is one of top Master Painters in the state of Michigan with over 30 years in the business. He is a graduate of Union Local 22 Apprenticeship School and Training, Painting & Decoration, Drywall Finisher, Paperhanger, Lead-based Paint Abatement, Residential Builder Preparation Certificate, knowledge of Paint Specification, Finish Schedule, and recognized by the Mayor of Detroit Award, Spirit of City Council of Detroit Award, Detroit Unsung Small Business.  Through Marcus’s knowledge and experience, as a painting contractor Marcus Anderson would like to provide to students and homeowners his expertise in Interior/exterior painting finishing. Also have students think about all opportunities as a painting contractor in this industry for residential,commercial,Industrial painting.

Past Customers Paint Instructor Detroit Training Center in 2022

Present and Past Customers Contracts:

City of Detroit single contract  Over $500,000.00
VA Hospital $200,00.00
Barton Malow $130,000.00
Tacom $100,000.00
Selfridge Air Force Base $70,000.00
U.S. General Services Administration $65,000.00
Ford Motor Company $42,000.00
Mott College 32,000 
Residential Homes $ 5,000.00
Cobo Hall
AAA Michigan Bank One
City Of Dearborn Police
City Of Troy
Department of Human services
Detroit Board of Education
Detroit Fire Department.
Detroit Police Department
Detroit Water Treatment Plant
Public Lighting
St John Hospital
The Villa at Redford
U.S Postal Service
Wayne County Community College

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