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Who We Are

Marcus Anderson is the founder, president and CEO of Anderson Paint Store, LLC.  Prior to owning these two companies, he worked with various companies as a painter.

We are conveniently located at 18429 West Eight Mile, a major road which connects the east and west sides of the city.  Close to two major freeways which allow quick and easy access to the downtown area.

We have a knowledgeable staff with many years of experience in their field. They will insure you will receive only the best input for all big and small projects.

If you have any questions please contact the store at (248) 747-6345.


Marcus Anderson

Marcus Anderson

one stop shopping

Anderson Paint Store LLC is a full service Paint and Sundries supply store for Industrial, Commercial, Residential and International applications, Go Green.


Our business is designed to deliver the finest product and service available in Detroit as well as the state and beyond.


By providing a quality product and excellent services and affordable prices we set the standard for what a top of the line paint store should be.


The 3 levels of quality we carry at this time are, Premium, Contractor and Builders Grade.

Premium – is the highest level of Interior or Exterior product available to our customer. This product is designed to perform at the highest levels of quality ( Epoxy Coating).

Contractor – is the mid-level grade of paint also available for Int/Ext applications. This is also excellent paint and is available in both oil and latex.

Builders Grade – is the lowest grade of paint that we offer. This is not cheap paint, it is designed to accommodate a specific need which may not call for a premium product. In most cases the Acrylic content is much lower, and various fillers are used to make up the difference.

pavement paint

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Product Levels Of Quality

Note that the term Acrylic refers to a type of resin added to paint, that tremendously increases the overall durability and color retention of the product. Most latex paints include some level of Acrylic.

The term Latex simply means that the product has a rubber like consistency and tends to move with the substrate (surface) it is applied to. Oil Based paints are paints that contain petroleum distillates (chemicals) that dry slower and harder than latex acrylic paints.

These type of products tend to have much more odor and clean up with paint thinners and other related chemicals. What kind of paint to use, whether it be Latex or Oil is dictated by the job at hand. Both Latex Acrylics and Oil Based paints are available in interior and exterior form, as well as premium and lesser grades.

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