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Who we are

Anderson Paint Store LLC. provides paint supplies for commercial highway bridge tunnel, high speed rail infrastructure applications. As painting contractors, we understand the unique needs of our customers and promise to provide superior customer service.

What we offer

  • Match colors and products from different companies (crossover matching)

  • MUCTD-complaint paints and removal/permanent marking tape (legends  and crosswalks)

  • Thermoplastic pavement marking material

  • Concrete surface sealers 

  • Bridge paint and lead-based paint

  • Provide updated Technical Data Sheets (TDS) and Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

  • Shipping within Continental United States


Special Provision–

Traffic Paint, Airport Paint

444120, 424950


Arizona DOT #20120665

Atlanta DOT #2AN372

California DOT #11-2-02N

District of Columbia DOT

Florida DOT

Hawaii DOT #10-3160

Illinois DOT

Kansas DOT

Maryland DOT

Michigan DOT #TP3R

Missouri DOT

Nevada DOT #NV01284UCPN

New Mexico DOT

New York DOT

Ohio DOT

Pennsylvania DOT

State of Washington DOT

Tennessee DOT

Texas DOT #VN23523

Washington DOT WMATA


Other Certifications: Import/Export Canada

Quality Paint supplier

Yellow Paint Can
55 drum Can
One Gallon can

industrial paint
for the



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Bridge Paint and Pavement Marking Video. Press Play. 

why Anderson
paint store llc?

Anderson Paint Store LLC is a Retail Store and Paint contractor with over 30 years of

experience. We have set a record for high quality work and outstanding safety . We

understand budget and scheduling for tracking each project we perfect. We are a

national company represented in over 20 states. Our company received honorable recognition from the Mayoral's office to City Council and many other creditable corporations. We are certified and insurance bonded company that takes pride in all of our projects.

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